One of the worst things that a homeowner will find after a flood is that their basement is filled with old and stagnant water covering the floor and in places that the human eye cannot see. Through the holes and cracks in the walls of the basement, this is how the water finds its way through. Therefore, it all floods and ends up in the basement.

There are several causes of basement flooding. It can be a result of poor drainage around the walls in the basement, a sump pump that is faulty, or rain that is so heavy that flooding was simply inevitable. Or, it may even be a combination of all of those things, which in that case would explain severe flooding. Either way, besides sewage damage cleanup it is one of the most complex jobs and worst possible things to encounter, and anytime a homeowner sees that their basement is flooded with stale water, the first thing that comes to their minds is will house insurance cover it? In addition, and almost inevitably they wonder if their house is now ruined.

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Timing is very important!

The quicker the flood is removed, the odds of complete and 100% restoration is at its highest.
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However, rest assured, no matter how devastating a basement flooding is, your house is not ruined. That is because Dry As A Bone Water Damage Restoration will restore your basement after severe flooding!

The staff at Dry As A Bone Water Damage Restoration are extremely trained in any type of water damage restoration whether it is in the basement or anywhere else in the home. They are the flooding experts with lots of experience, and they have all the right tools to drain and remove all of the water and to restore your basement. It will look like the way it did before the flood happened. And they will make sure of it until the basement is completely dry as they will monitor and document the entire process.

Dry As A Bone Water Damage Restoration will remove a flood regardless of the size and severity. They promise the highly trained staff will get your basement back to how it was before the flood through drying principles that are innovative and scientific as well as providing the documentation and the validation that the job has been completed when the basement is completely dried and restored which is guaranteed.

Why Choose Dry As A Bone Water Damage Restoration?

  • You can count on their professionals to restore your basement regardless of the severity of the flood.

  • They are available to your rescue 24 hours a day and 7 days a week because they know that floods don’t care when they attempt to ruin basements.

  • The moment that you find a flood in your basement, even if it is at 3 am on a Sunday morning, you can call (207) 232-6529 and they will respond and come to the rescue immediately.