Whenever there is a sewage backup which can be caused by a severe toilet overflow, for instance, it is an emergency and it needs to be removed and cleaned immediately. The reason it is considered an emergency is that because of the backup containing sewage, it is loaded with harmful microbes, bacteria, viruses, and fungi that can pose serious health risks – especially to children, the elderly, those with weak immune systems, and on some level to animals.

That is why whenever there is a sewage backup emergency, you must give us a call right away as they have the proper and up to date equipment, training, and will respond to your call right away. They will safely and effectively remove sewage and sanitize the area so it becomes free of all contaminants. If sewage damage requires flooded basement cleanup and restoration – we will gladly provide this service.

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3 types of tainted water

If you are unsure if a backed-up toilet that overflowed was full of contaminants because there were no feces, you will still need to call (207) 232-6529 for a cleanup.
Call (207) 232-6529

Water That Appears Clean

This falls into the first category and whenever there is a backup that contains water that is from clear sources such as from a faucet that is leaky or a water supply line that is broken. There are no contaminants in this type of backup that falls in this first category. However, clean water from these sources will end up becoming tainted and that is when it can pose risks to your health and to the health of those in the household.

If this situation happens during the spring or summer, or warmer days of autumn, then you will need to become proactive. Give us a call right away to clean it up immediately before bacteria and other microbes can start to breed.

“Grey Water” and is in fact Gray

This is the second category which is the grey water category whereas the water from this type of backup has some contaminants. This can be from a dishwasher that has overflowed or from a toilet that has been overflowed that contained some urine. However, there were no feces or vomit.

However, gray water has enough contaminants that can cause some illnesses as well as any type of discomfort because it still contains viruses and bacteria. And it needs to be cleaned up right away before it goes to the next category which is the most dangerous one.

Water That Appears Black

This is the third and most serious category which is the black water category. This includes water that is from streams or rivers, toilet traps, and toilet overflow of water containing feces or vomit that contains harmful bacteria and viruses and other microbes. That can result in life-threatening and serious illnesses. And clear water that has not been treated can turn into black water as well, rather quickly!

Why Choose Us?

  • Whenever there is a sewage backup regardless of the category they can remove it and sterilize your affected areas right away!
  • They are available 24 hours a day and 7 days.

  • Sewage backup is an emergency and emergencies can happen at any time and always require professionals to take care of the job.